As part of our ongoing Careers Education Advice Information and Guidance programme (CEAIG) we delivered a week long series of events for year 10 focusing on future career choices and preparing the students for the world of work and further education.

Sessions and activities:

We had a number of events including seminars, workshops, teambuilding activities, presentations and physical activities. Here are some of the events that have taken place:

External Providers:

  • Medical Mavericks:

The Medical Mavericks provided hands on workshops where the students extracted blood, recorded and printed an ECG, tried keyhole surgery, seen inside their body with an ultrasound machine and take a picture of the inside of your eye! This was a very exciting way of introducing students to careers in the NHS.

  • NHS/Knife crime:

Rob Jackson, nurse clinician at the Royal Liverpool Hospital delivered a powerful presentation that introduced students to a career in Accident and Emergency wards in large inner city hospitals. He spoke passionately about how challenging and rewarding this career is. He also delivered a very strong message about knife crime in Liverpool.

  • Crown Prosecution Service:

The Crown Prosecution Service delivered a seminar and work shop on careers in the CPS. In doing so they introduced students to some real life cases and scenarios that have been dealt with in the local area. These activities and cases really enthused the students as it was more relatable and stimulated a lot of discussion and debate.

  • Military:

The Royal Marines Commando Schools delivered workshops that although very physically demanding where thoroughly enjoyed by students. The activities were placed in context of rescue and escape missions that encouraged leadership, decision making and teamwork skills. At the end the marines openly discussed the positives and negatives for careers in the Marines.

  • Everton FC:

Everton FC kindly visited the school and delivered some sports based team building activities and challenges. Some of the staff were youth team players and community workers. They provided competitive challenges that got the students working and communicating as a team.

  • The Big Bang Science Fair:

All of year 10 students visited the Big Bang Careers and Engineering Fair at the Liverpool Conference Centre. In this fair there was 5000 square metres of show floor packed with hundreds of STEM experts on hand not only to engage students in practical experiments but to also give advice on careers in STEM subject areas. Students were able to undertake experiments in fire, dry ice, robotics, coding, forensics, creatures, slime, medical magic and more. They really enjoyed the interactive experiments and the opportunity to interact with so many STEM specialists.

  • Speed Networking:

The students also had the opportunity to carry out a speed networking/mock interview sessions with 25 employers. This was a great opportunity to students to develop confidence and communication skills by being interviewed by a range of employers in a very short period of time. Students were very keen to make a good impression on employers and they were successful in doing so.

  • Barclays Life Skills:

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In-house activities:

  • Sixth Form Taster Lessons:

All year 10 students had a collapsed timetable were they selected potential subjects to study at sixth form. They then had a Sixth Form taster day were they followed their elected timetable. Year 10 students also accompanied the students from The Academy of St. Francis of Assisi. Students spoke openly about how demanding yet enjoyable the Sixth form lessons were.

  • PSHE:

Students completed a PSHE lesson on the dangers of social media and the negative effect it can have on careers throughout their lives. The students studied different cases on how the misuse of social media had negatively impacted on an individual’s career a long time after the initial posts. This was extremely thought provoking and students were engrossed in discussion and debate.

  • Outdoor Team Building:

Utlising the in-house expertise of Mr. Rooney (Sports Coach) and Mr. Sweeny (Competitive Athlete) we were able to engage students in a range of fun and challenging outdoor physical activities. The students thrived on the fun nature of the activities and bonded as teams to ensure they fully engaged in the competitive challenges.

  • Architecture Challenge:

Initially students looked at the fundamental structures of buildings and discussed the most appropriate shapes to ensure they could build the largest skyscraper. Students were encouraged to assume a role within the team in order to work together effectively in order to compete with the other groups. The students engaged in the task and were driven to ensure they came out on top.




What the students thought:


Anonymous online student voice activities were conducted to find out students opinions of the Aspirations Week events. This 90% of students stated that they enjoyed the activities that were undertaken in the aspirations week. 91% of students stated that they felt more informed about career choices available to them. Finally 88% of the students stated that they felt more confident as a direct result of the week’s activities. These were very positive and affirming results and secured the decision to repeat these events with the new cohort of year 10 students.






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